Cattolica beach

Protected from the last hills of the Marche, Catholic is the last settlement of Emilia Romagna.
Set in a sheltered natural bay in the northern Adriatic in the picturesque Mount Gabicce, enjoys a unique climate. The sand spit of about 2 km of beach, breaks the monotony of the straight shape of the coast and the view of Mount Gabice helps to enrich the feature of the landscape. Spelling optimal position of Catholic causes continuous and regular atmospheric motions in the direction of the sea, which mitigate the climate of Catholic and protect it from atmospheric disturbances more invasive.

The beach of Cattolica wisely managed by the famous Lifeguards on the Adriatic coast is equipped to meet any requirement.

For each type of visitor, tourist holiday destinations, one who loves to spend time on the beach, you will find all kinds of attractions that goes far beyond the sun and swimming in the sea, like boat trips, sailing trips fly, motorboat or windsurfing or jet skiing.

For a few years, the beach of Cattolica, divided into beaches, has changed its face, completely renewed, giving each area of innovative services, such as beach pools, hot tubs, water games, water slides, which combined with the classical services bring the beach of Cattolica at the top as a choice of stay holiday.

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