Amusement Parks

Here is a list of the biggest and now-famous amusement parks of Romagna. Between Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica to Ravenna, the Romagna Riviera offers you the opportunity to discover the many attractions to enjoy and spend a pleasant time with friends and family. a global entertainment, play together is ageless.


Visit the place where imagination meets reality! Located between Rimini and Riccione and completely surrounded by nature, Fiabilandia is a child’s dream come true, a wildlife reserve devoted to amusement. Here fables, attractions, shows and wildlife all contribute to a unique experience made of fun and education, specially designed for children and families.
Established in 1966, Fiabilandia is Italy’s first theme park and has since become the ideal edutainment destination. In this 150.000 sqm green area, children can step into the fairy tales that have been populating their bedroom stories generation after generation.
Through the years, the park has been constantly ameliorated to keep faith to its mission to educate and entertain with a soft touch. Its attractions and live shows verge on the theme of dreaming and imagination rather than thrills and adrenaline.


“Beauty is Italy’s oil”, the Romagnolo poet Tonino Guerra used to say. And it is the indubitable beauty of the Bel Paese that inspired Rimini’s Italia in Miniatura ‘miniature Italy’ park.
Italia in Miniatura is a 3D reverie where one fails to trust one’s eyes, where reality exceeds imagination in a triumph of the creative mind that celebrates Italy’s historical, architectural and cultural heritage. The park tells the tale of the great beauty of the country by representing it faithfully and in astounding realistic detail, only… in miniature.
Italia in Miniatura was founded in 1970 by visionary entrepreneur Ivo Rambaldi, who travelled 27,000 km to visit and measure first-hand (literally! He used to carry a measuring tape with him) churches, piazzas, bridges and monuments. Rambaldi also got in touch with all Italian Universities and requested 6,000 photographs, drawings and maps before he created his first miniaturized monument – a replica of the St. Apollinare in Classe church, a tribute to the nearby city of Ravenna.


Every day from April to September at the Dolphinarium in Rimini you can admire the magnificent dolphin show. There is also the Galleria del Mare, where you can admire the reproductions of river and sea environments, the skeletons of dolphins and turtles and invertebrates.


Established in 1987 on the hills around Riccione, Aquafan has good reason to be considered Europe’s no. 1 water park. After 28 years, it is still one of the most popular destinations for those seeking unique emotions and fun.

In its 90,000 sqm area interspersed with green spots, you will find spectacular slides totalling over 3 kilometres – from Kamikaze to Tobogas, from Extreme River to Speedriul, from River Run to Surfin’hill, from Twist to Fiume Lento (“Slow River”), down to the latest super family-sized slide, StrizzaCool. Come play in the vast wave pool, where ocean-sized waves are created by special machines that move 8,000 litres of water filtered with state-of-the-art, waste-proof technology.
A favourite with teenagers and young adults, Aquafan has also always devoted great attention to new families. Today there are three areas specifically designed for kids, such as the Focus Junior Beach.


Everything changes and evolves, flows as water – and the Oltremare marine park has flowed a long way: here human visitors meet dolphins and nature in a completely new and different experience, generating emotions never felt before. In Europe’s famously most beautiful artificial lagoon, a faithful replica of a rocky inlet of the Adriatic sea containing 9 million litres of salty water, you can observe dolphins and interact with them all day long. In this unique open lagoon, show borders onto personal experience and enrichment, learning mingles with feeling. The new “Dolphins’ Voice” attraction gives all visitors, especially the younger ones, an opportunity for encounters and narration, for the promotion of respect towards diversity and towards these beautiful, often endangered, marine mammals.


Let your emotions flow at the Cattolica Aquarium, an entirely different leisure experience that brings together education and quality entertainment with the promotion of culture and environmental awareness.
Here the sea world becomes a show that meets children’s and families’ increasing demand for learning-through-fun opportunities. Science and culture merge in a stimulating exhibition that leads the visitor across several themes and experiences, at the same time making a point for respecting animals, the sea and the environment in general.
A day at the biggest aquarium of the Adriatic coast is a trip around the underwater world, from the Mediterranean sea, through the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, to the breathtaking Red Sea coral reef. Come and meet the local population of over 3,000 animals such as penguins, otters, turtles, jellyfish and – most prominently – the largest gray nurse sharks in Italy, massively and idly swimming in a 700,000 litre seawater pool.


Mirabilandia is like an adrenaline rush of unforgettable emotions and pure fun. A few miles from Ravenna, Italy’s largest amusement and water park provides plenty of exciting sensations as well as relaxing moments amidst luxuriant vegetation and flowers.

The name Mirabilandia means “Land of wonders” and its range of international-level, record-setting attractions and shows lives up to it. Each minute of your time spent here will be a unique experience for parents and children… aged 0-99.

Constant improvements ensure new experiences and new emotions from year to year, in a magical world that never ceases to amaze. Meander through shops, sip coffee in cafes or enjoy delicious meals in Mirabilandia’s excellent restaurants surrounded by vast green areas.